die mysteriöse serie (the mystery series)

MORD (murder)
DREI NACH NEUN (three past nine)
ZWEIFEL (doubts)
SCHEIN (appearance)
ZUHAUSE (at home)

„Mord“ (murder), „Augenblick“ (moment), „Drei Nach Neun“ (three past nine), „Zweifel“ (doubt), „Schein“ (appearance), „Zuhause“ (at home).

limited, framed fine art prints (37 x 50 cm)

shown at:
Rundgang of the Guttmann Class, „2007“, Vienna, May 2021
exhibit.her by Birgit Fellner, „it’s nice to meet you.“, Vienna, July 2021
Parallel – Vienna Art Fair, „The End is The Beginning“, September 2021
Kunst(hand)werkschau by artcreation, Glonn b. München, May 2022

selected exhibtion views


"2007", Rundgang of the Guttmann Class

The End is the Beginning

„The End is The Beginning“, Documentation / Photo by Ana Paula Fabro Franco

In a place where once hundreds of wounded veterans got treated and thousands of births were given the Martin Guttmann Class is presenting their show 

“The End


The Beginning”. 

First inspired by a song of the Smashing Pumpkins, from the year of 1997 called “The End Is The Beginning Is The End”, the students worked individually and produced a variety of examinations with the topic under the aspects of place, time, personal connection and many more. 

Together with: Alessandro Albrecht, Ana Paula Fabro Franco, Anna Dian, Claudia Tomassetti, Elena Kristofor, Kathrin Hanga, Hannah Kaufmann, Käthe Ivansich, Laura Antonia Ettel, Olessya Kleymenova, Sarah Stachl, Stephan Wiesinger, Olga Shapovalova and Rubén Ezequiel Löwy.